Erasmus Mundus Masters Program in Geospatial Technologies

By | November 18, 2009

The University of Münster, Germany, University Jaume I, Spain, and New
University of Lisbon, Portugal, provide a new Masters Program in
Geospatial Technologies. The English-taught Masters program has been
approved in the educational program of excellence of the European Union
ERASMUS MUNDUS. The program targets international applicants and will

* 10 full scholarships for non-EU students (26.000 € + tuition fees +
insurance package)
* 2 full scholarships for students from Western Balkans and Turkey
(26.000 € + tuition fees + insurance package)
* 8 financial contributions to EU students + EEA-EFTA countries and
Switzerland  (9.000 € + tuition fees + insurance package)
* 4 grants for non-EU visiting researchers/scholars (14.800 € for four
months of teaching and research) We kindly ask you to distribute this information
and the attached
flyer to all potentially interested
* Students – the Masters program addresses holders of Bachelor degrees in
Information, such as Geography, Environmental Planning, Regional
Planning, Transportation/Logistics, Agriculture, Forestry,
Retailing/Marketing , etc., and/or
* Researchers (visiting scholars) with high-level academic
achievements in the field of Geographic Information. For further information, please